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How can PayByGroup help you?


PayByGroup captures the 10-20% of customers you would otherwise lose by allowing them to start a purchase before getting commitment from friends and family.


PayByGroup makes purchases viral. Over 80% of PayByGroups convert into purchases.


By connecting you with everyone behind a group purchase, PayByGroup on average expands your marketing reach by 5x.


Track the progress a group makes in real-time and know exactly who is patronizing your business.


PayByGroup converts purchases quickly. In the vacation rental industry alone PayByGroup has cut the average sales cycle by 75%.


Turn everyone in a group into a promoter of your business with PayByGroup’s social tools.


Customers love the convenience of PayByGroup and praise business that offer it.


Solicit reviews from all group members to increase your positive reviews online.


Save time and money by avoiding the hassle of chasing down multi-party payments.

Happy Clients

From moms to property managers to NBA teams, consumers and companies everywhere trust PayByGroup.

Adding PayByGroup as an option for payment has been great for several segments of users. Older users get to avoid uncomfortable exchanges reminding friends and family members to pay their share and younger users are able to book places that would not be otherwise possible due to their lower credit card limits. It eliminates the risk of them being stuck with a large financial burden if they had booked the whole amount on their card and then some friends bail on them. An excellent technical team and a game changing product.

Jordan Curnes, Rent Like A Champion

PayByGroup has proven an excellent added feature to our luxury villa rental program. By giving groups traveling together the power and tools to directly manage their group payments, we have alleviated a great deal of work and follow-up for our sales agents, allowing our team to focus on what they do best – planning amazing vacations for our guests. The platform is easy-to-use and streamlines the reservation process for both us and our villa clients.

Julie Byrd, CaboVillas.com
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Who are we?

PayByGroup was created by a team of group organizers that didn't understand why you could split a bill at a restaurant, but not online. It soon became clear that business, too, were frustrated by the number of bounces and lost leads caused by the hassles group organizers face when trying to get purchase commitments from friends or family.

PayByGroup is based in sunny Silicon Valley, California. The company is backed by top tier investors with experience in commerce and payments.

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