Bring People Together

Organize and collect money from friends and family for anything you dream of doing.

"PayByGroup saved me weeks of headache and hassle."

Ana planned a trip to Mexico

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"Getting all the money in my bank account the day after we hit our target meant I could reserve the limo without stressing out."

Susan rented a limo for a wine tour

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"This was way easier than the process we used in prior years. As more people joined and the price per person dropped, everyone came along."

Eric rented a ski house for the season

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"I never could have chased down my cousins and made this happen without PayByGroup saving me all that time."

Emily bought a TV for her grandparents

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"All my friends said this was a great way to organize our day of sailing so I'll definitely use PayByGroup again."

Andy organized a sailing trip

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"PayByGroup was so easy and shareable that we raised more money than we expected."

Elaine purchased meals for a grieving family

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How It Works

Pick a tipping point

Provide details about your event and choose how you want to split the cost- evenly, fixed amount or customized.

Invite friends

Get your friends involved and we’ll send them reminders and updates to get them committed.

Collect funds

Once the tipping point is reached, funds will be deposited directly into your bank account within 2 days.

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PayByGroup in Action

Use Cases

No hassle way to organize people and collect money.

  • Vacation Rentals
  • Sports Tickets
  • Birthday Parties
  • Trips
  • Baby Showers
  • Cruises
  • Wedding Gifts
  • ...or anything!
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Why use PayByGroup


Organize your friends and events in one place!

Save time

Give us a few details about what you want to do with your friends and we will do the rest!

Get commitments

Find out which of your friends are really commited to your event.

Eliminate hassle

No need to feel uncomfortable collecting money from your friends. We do it for you!

Tipping Point

Reach a minimum commitment goal, attendees, or both.


Funds are deposited directly into the organizer's U.S. bank account within 2 days.


Transaction fee per share claimed


* A 2.5% service fee is charged to cover card processing and bank fees. With your support, we aim to bring this fee down as soon as possible.


Convenience fee per share claimed


Get my group together!