How It Works

PayByGroup is the easy, free way to collect money for any group purchase or experience. The set up process is simple:

1. Describe what you want to PayByGroup. This description will be included in the invitation sent to your friends and on your PayByGroup dashboard page.

2. Decide how you want to split the cost. Is it a fixed price per person (for concert tickets, games, etc)? Do you want to split the cost evenly (for vacations, gifts, etc)? Or do you want to allow people to enter any amount they want (fundraisers, etc)? You decide and invite your friends.

3. No one is charged anything until the tipping point is reached, which is the minimum number of people you want to participate. Once your PayByGroup tips, you can charge everyone’s credit cards and collect the funds!

It’s that simple. Now go out and PayByGroup!